Cross stitch and tapestry framing

Transform Needlework into Timeless Art

Cross stitch and tapestry framing

Celebrate the intricate beauty of your needlework with Effects Picture Framing’s specialised Cross Stitch and Tapestry Framing Service. Our skilled artisans understand the dedication and artistry that goes into every stitch, and we’re committed to preserving and showcasing your creations in the best possible light.

Using archival-grade materials and precise techniques, we carefully frame your cross stitch or tapestry, ensuring it remains protected and beautifully displayed. Our frames enhance the texture and colours of your work, creating a captivating piece of art that tells a story of patience and skill.

With a range of framing styles and finishes available, you have the freedom to choose a presentation that complements your unique style. Whether it’s a cherished family heirloom or a recently completed masterpiece, our expert team treats each piece with the utmost care and attention.

Trust Effects Picture Framing to turn your needlework into a cherished piece of art. Experience the magic of transforming intricate stitches into timeless, beautifully framed creations.


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