Protect and Enhance Your Treasures


Preserve your valuable documents, artworks, and keepsakes with Effects Picture Framing’s specialised Laminating Service. Our state-of-the-art lamination process adds an extra layer of protection, shielding your items from dust, moisture, and everyday wear and tear.

80 Micron fill will encapsulate your article or prints. Whether it’s a cherished family photo, a valuable certificate, or an important document, our high-quality lamination ensures longevity without compromising clarity or colour vibrancy. The transparent layer not only safeguards your items but also enhances their visual appeal, giving them a polished finish.

Our experienced team employs precision and care to ensure that your items are handled delicately throughout the laminating process. We offer a range of lamination options, including matte and glossy finishes, to suit your preferences.

Trust Effects Picture Framing to provide top-tier protection for your cherished memories and important documents with our Laminating Service. Safeguard, enhance, and enjoy your treasures for years to come.


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